Alive in Christ.
Growing in Strength.
Living to Serve.

About Us

A few things about who we are.

We are a multi-generational Christian community whose primary purpose is to love and glorify God alone. We love and glorify God by devoting ourselves to:


Everything we do each day is an act of worship. Each Sunday we worship as the church gathered. We sing songs of praise, proclaim the Gospel of Jesus, pray, and partake in the sacraments. It is through worship that we are formed as people and it is through worship that our desire for discipleship begins.


We believe discipleship happens in community. The best way to learn from and be encouraged by fellow Christians is to gather together outside of scheduled times of worship. We are a people who are in this together. Through small groups, game nights, and just grabbing coffee we live life together. After all, the Christian life was not meant to be lived alone.


As we learn and grow through worship and discipleship, our natural inclination should be to serve our neighbors. At Southside we desire to love and serve others not just in our church community, but our surrounding neighborhood as well. As an example, we serve our neighbors through our bi-monthly food pantry nights and monthly community meal.

Gathering Times

What we do and when we do it.


Classes: 9:45am.
Morning Worship: 10:45am.


Evening Bible Study and Prayer: 7pm

Contact Us

How to get ahold of us.

Southside Church

4110 S. Union St.
Des Moines, IA 50315
Phone: 515.244.4312

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