At Southside Church our mission is to love and glorify God through making disciples. Each Wednesday evening we focus on equipping our church to be disciples who make disciples. To help facilitate this process, we are doing a detailed study of the book Multiply.

Multiply is a practical tool to teach any Christian how to make disciples, no matter how long you have been a disciple of Jesus. Each week we will study a new chapter that contains highly reflective questions. The goal of these questions is to move you towards disciple-making. After all, disciples of Jesus are truly disciples when they engage in making more disciples.

Click here to download the PDF version of the book Multiply. Taking the time to read this week’s chapter before our gathering will greatly increase the value of our discipleship time together.

There are a series of questions for each weekly session. You can download the questions below.

Part I: Living as a Disciple Maker
Part II: Living as the Church
Part III: How to Study the Bible
Part IV: Understanding the Old Testament
  • Creation – 10/31/18 & 11/7/18
  • The Fall – 11/14/18